Information and Services Hose Manufacturers History Hose Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd, part of an international group spanning Europe, USA, South America and Australia, was established in the early 1960's to manufacture firehose for the Southern African continent.

Our strategy has always been to dedicate time and energy to research and development. This can be seen by our approach to rapidly changing and emerging markets we will find ourselves in while being part of an overseas company gives us access to and keeps us abreast of the latest technologies and developments.

We are members of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and have their quality mark of approval for all hoses under SABS 1456 parts 2 to 5. We have also passed standards required by the countries to which we export including Ozone, Fuels, Oils & Chemicals, Foods and varying Temperature tests. We manufature hoses according to the ISO 9002 Quality Management System.
  Our Firehose market has developed over the years and we now have a range of six types of firehose used for various situations.

We have developed hoses for different working environments including rugged hoses for the Mining sector, extra-tough hoses for the Industrial sector, Irrigation hoses for the Agricultural sector and submersable hoses for boreholes.

We have an experienced international sales team well versed in a number of languages and facilities to export hoses in large and small quantities. To this day we have remained committed to quality and service for our customers locally and around the world and hope to remain at the forefront in the manufacture of hoses.
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