Information and Services Is Your Water Well Efficient? Boreline is a Flexible Drop Pipe that has been designed to replace the rigid risers used with submersible pumps.

Due to its roll-flat nature, it is very easy to transport Boreline to a site and install it with simple, standard, light-duty equipment. Boreline is a Zero Maintenance product. It does not corrode, has a superb hydraulic performance and a long life expectancy while a pump can be set at any depth down to 700ft without support ropes or cables!
The FactsIn the world of increased costs, we all search for ways to become more efficient in everything we do. When we see inefficiencies, we deal with them immediately and the result is savings and profitability. But what happens when we do not see inefficiencies? Pumping water from underground is a hidden operation. We cannot see the water, the pump or the drop pipe. All we see is a surface tank or piping leading from the well. With wells, efficiencies are a very important factor as we constantly use water in our every-day life. As long as water runs, we do not calculate its cost, but when there are problems, like corrosion or internal scaling we begin to realise the cost of our inefficiencies.  
Internal scaling on rigid pipe

Rigid Pipe Installation
  Submersible pump systems are designed to perform for many years without problems. Motors are designed to operate without fail, while the pumps are manufactured with long-term reliability in mind. What new technology has been focussed on the drop pipe? And what developments have materialised to make this most critical element of the pumping system more efficient? Historically, rigid pipes have been used as drop-pipes, as there have been no alternatives. Users would subject themselves to transportation, handling and installation problems and safety issues associated with the length and weight of each rigid section Pump and well maintenance would often be overlooked or even delayed due to the difficult task of removing each length for inspection and monitoring. Internal growth and scaling would contribute to increased energy consumption, while corrosion and galvanic action, if ignored, could result in catastrophic consequences. In many cases, the effort of designing the ideal pump and motor was being retarded by the traditional inefficiencies of using a flawed and dated piping system.

The Solution In planning or replacing an underground pumping system, it is essential to calculate the Lifetime Costs of that well. These costs include transport, handling, corrosion effects, replacement, safety costs and the installation and removal costs. They also include the energy and efficiency costs of operating that system.

Boreline is a product that has been designed to reduce the Lifetime Costs associated with groundwater pumping. Boreline is a Flexible Drop Pipe that has been manufactured using the latest high tenacity, circular woven fibers, which are then encapsulated in a tough, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The results are a High-Performance, Zero Maintenance product with a superior life expectancy.

Installing Boreline with pick-up truck
  Think About It1. Boreline can be installed and removed in a fraction of the time of the traditional rigid risers, with fewer people and using simple and safe, standard equipment. (A regular pick-up truck can often be used instead of heavy-duty trucks and cranes).

Smaller equipment means quicker deployment during those emergency situations. Light- duty equipment results in safer working conditions

2. Boreline is totally resistant to corrosion, internal scaling and microbiological attack.

The materials used in the manufacture of Boreline ensure long-term reliability in extreme and aggressive conditions. Changing water conditions have no effect on the Boreline.
3. Boreline has a superb hydraulic performance due to its extreme tensile strength and burst pressure capabilities.

The product is manufactured with a combination of state-of-the-art materials while using high-technology manufacturing techniques. Boreline is designed to swell under pressure resulting in improved flow. This combination ensures lower friction loss factors and an improved performance over the life of the product.

4.Boreline is available in diameters from 1½” to 6” and in continuous lengths of up to 700ft.

Long, continuous lengths make installation and removal a very simple and easy task. Transportation to site is just as simple with the use of a regular pick-up truck.
Simple Boreline installation with truck

Applications Some applications where Boreline can contribute to improved efficiencies with groundwater use include:

Mining applications - where aggressive water results in constant replacement of rigid pipes.
Agriculture applications - where users want to save on installation and removal costs
Salt Water Intrusion - where the over-pumping of the groundwater has resulted in the introduction of sea water into the aquifer.
Yield testing - where a pump has to be installed and removed regularly.
Solar applications - where water has to be supplied to remote areas and the time and cost of solving breakdowns is immeasurable.
Lightweight installation by hand.
Wherever a submersible pump is pumping groundwater, there is an opportunity for savings to be made by using Boreline.
Installing Boreline using Crane

Quick and easy Boreline installation

Lightweight installation by hand

Projects completed on time…
As usual!
  Where To Now? When next assessing or planning a new well installation, or when next considering the replacement of an existing well, it is essential to take a realistic look at the Lifetime Costs of that well.

While it is difficult to calculate, consider the following critical factors: the added cost of installing and removing a rigid pump system. the energy savings made when using Boreline. the added cost of replacement due to corrosion. the cost of downtime and loss of production.
As a critical part of the pumping system, Boreline complements the efficiencies of pumps and motors and guarantees your well system remains efficient throughout its life.

You Know It Makes Sense.
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