Information and ServicesOur Added Value At Hose Solutions Inc (HSI), we continually ask ourselves “How can we add value?” This is not only related to our company but to the industry in which we operate. What value are we adding by doing what we are doing?

Firstly, we are knowledgeable about our products and the industry in which we operate. We have been involved in weaving for nearly 130 Years and specialising in layflat-type hoses for over 30 years.

During this time we have been involved in the development of new weaving techniques that have resulted in the optimum mix of strength to weight ratio. The art of weaving hoses is to produce a high pressure, light-weight product. This has been the key to our success and today we lead the world with the highest pressure, large diameter hose available.

From an extrusion point of view, we have been working with new techniques to ensure consistency in production while simultaneously working with newer materials to be used in a host of industries. We remain focused on driving a research team responsible for developing new materials for an ever-increasing number of new applications.

To this end, we have formed strong relationships with other players in our industry. We pursue long-term relationships with suppliers and customers alike while working closely with complementors.
We also have relationships with other seemingly non-related players who want to develop their products. Our wealth of experience in products and industry, added to our team-approach to problem solving, is the way we have achieved the desired results.

We have good relationships with our competitors where we trade products in order to be able to offer our customer, the best alternative.
We focus on delivering a quick and responsive service to any requests and to this end we have set up a Marketing and Sales office based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our experience has been gained from centuries in the hose and textile industry. We have managed to use our experience and partners to develop new opportunities in the new markets we pursue.

We take this opportunity in extending our commitment to you and personally invite you to please come and “Join our Team!!”
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