Information and ServicesTime Line Introduction Hose Solutions Inc is the product of a history dating back to the late 1800’s. This pedigree follows a family line in the specialised art of weaving, an integral and critical part in the manufacture of the specialised hoses the company focuses on today.

Early Weaving Loom
  The manufacture of these hoses is a product of the materials and manufacturing techniques developed over the centuries. The company has remained at the leading edge of these developments and has led the world in the manufacture of specialised hoses for a variety of applications.

Working very closely with suppliers and customers to form long-term and strategic relationships, the company has today become an international symbol of innovation, quality and responsiveness.
Company Time Line
1880 Adolf Steverlynck opens first weaving factory in Belgium 1924 Julio Steverlynck opens weaving factory in Argentina, South America. Becomes largest manufacturer of denim in Southern Hemisphere employing over 3000 workers 1934 Julio Steverlynck opens textile factory in Uruguay, South America 1936 Charles Steverlynck opens Picanol SA, weaving Loom manufacturer in Belgium, Europe 1955 Yves Steverlynck opens Latex Threads in Cape Town, South Africa. A fully vertical organisation focusing on extrusion, covering of fibres and weaving for the textile industry 1963 Picanol manufacturers 10 000 weaving looms per year. World leader in new loom development  
Early Morning Prayers

1969 Picanol lists on Belgian Stock Exchange 1970 Hose Manufacturers South Africa begins manufacture of fire hoses 1973 Hose Manufacturers SA leads world in new latex lining method for firehoses and in the manufacture of synthetic hoses 1975 Yves Steverlynck opens Hosemakers in Melbourne, Australia 1978 Hose Manufacturers SA sold to a British Industrial Conglomerate listed on the London Stock Exchange  
Charles and Julio Steverlynck in conversation 1930's

Early Weaving Loom
  1980 Hose Manufacturers SA, in conjunction with a leading European Plastics Company, develop new extrusion grade polyurethane for use with hoses 1981 A Malaysian company buys British Conglomerate in hostile takeover 1985 Yves Steverlynck opens Crusader Hose in Melbourne, Australia 1998 Hose Manufacturers receives ISO 9000 Certification 2001 Nicolas Steverlynck opens Hose Solutions Inc in the USA
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