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Production wells for an island This project was completed on a fairly large island with its population of approximately 500,000 inhabitants spread out over the entire area Read More » South Texas Boreline Installation This well site was neatly located inside a residential neighborhood with limited Read More » Boreline for Mine Dewatering In this project, the Boreline was used in a dewatering well at a large mine Read More » Boreline Installation for City The City where this installation took place at is in the state of Delaware. The original equipment was a line shaft turbine pump but the city had repeated problems with its performance Read More »
Aquifer Storage and Recovery Installation This project was completed for a local water district that has fluctuating water demands. Read More » Water for a small desert town A small farming town in southern Arizona was growing and needed to pump more water for the new residents and farming activity Read More » Agriculture wells in the Lone Star State A city in the north of Texas needed a more efficient and easier way to pull their pumps... Read More » Production Water for Mining Operations This project is taking place in the middle of one of the driest places on earth, the Atacama Desert of northern Chile... Read More »
Boreline Installation This Water Company has used Boreline before but with the explosive growth in the area, they are installing more and more wells... Read More » Boreline Re-installation Water is supplied to a ready-mix concrete facility... Read More » 8'' Boreline Installation using Mobile Crane This City has many wells that need constant removal for service and replacement... Read More » Boreline Pump Installation The customer has to dewater the ground around a pit... Read More »
Boreline Flexible Drop Pipe for Mine dewatering Here we have an ideal situation where Boreline is absolutely, the ideal solution... Read More » Boreline installation using installation unit The water company has many users spread over a vast area. The water is not piped along... Read More » Boreline Residential Well Installation This installation was done for a personal residence located in Arizona... Read More » Horizontal Boreline Installation In this project, there is a lot of space available around the wells. Here we will see how the contractor will install the Boreline... Read More »
750ft Boreline Installation using rolling wheel In this project, the customer is a Water Company based in a town high in the mountains... Read More » Boreline Installation using Mini Spool-O-Matic This customer, an underground mine, has a number of small dewatering wells positioned within and around the mine. Access is usually restricted due... Read More » Mine Dewatering - Unstable Mine Pit Wall Open pit mines need to be kept dry at all times. Pumping water out before it gets to the walls... Read More » A City goes ahead changing its wells The customer, a Mid-West Water Utility, is in the fortunate situation... Read More »
Standard Boreline installation using pickup truck Boreline and power cable attached and rolled onto a cable drum... Read More » 300HP Pump and Motor on 6'' Boreline One of the largest Platinum mines in the world had to dewater an area of their mine which was flooded... Read More » Boreline for Refinery dewatering These dewatering wells are designed to keep the refinery spillage out of the local aquifer... Read More » Boreline Installation using Spool-O-Matic This shows the advantage of installing Boreline with our Spool-O-Matic... Read More »
Lakeport, California sep 2002 The town of Lakeport is set on the shores of Clear Lake... Read More » Another Boreline Installation using Mini Spool-O-M This installation was performed for a pipeline company that transports fuel... Read More » City Water Wells As cities keep on growing and spreading out... Read More » The Texas Panhandle In this part of the country the economy is based upon agribusiness... Read More »
From the ground, into your house This small village has 2400 inhabitants. They pump water from the ground... Read More » Water Utility Boreline Installation This particular Water Utility has very aggressive water... Read More » Boreline Installation in the Lone Star State This project involved the installation of a pump on 2” Boreline down to 550ft... Read More » Boreline Installation using Mini Spool-O-Matic Steel pipe was installed at this mine with small submersible pumps set at around 250ft... Read More »
New Slope Stabilization Techniques This has been a World First for a number of different reasons. But the goal remains... Read More » An environmental well instalation In this particular application, Boreline was specified because of its many advantages... Read More » Completed projects: 6 Boreline performance at one This was no mean request. One of the largest Platinum mines in the world had to... Read More » Monitoring Wells at a Power Station This new Power Station is being built far from away from any Cities... Read More »
New Boreline Couplings slash costs!! Hose Manufacturers, South Africa, manufacturers of Boreline, have launched... Read More » West Coast, South Africa The customer, a citrus farmer has numerous farms in this South West Coast... Read More » Irrigating the fruits of the valley The pump broke down during the spring season and the customer wanted a longer term... Read More » Replacing corroding steel pipes at a leading golf Here we find ourselves at one of the leading golf courses in the state. New luxury... Read More »
Boreline Installation in adverse weather condition In this project, there was severe weather moving into the area... Read More » Boreline Installation using a Mobile Crane In this particular project, two submersible pumps had to be installed quickly and... Read More » Deeper and deeper The customer is an underground coal mine... Read More » Boreline for evaporation ponds Aggressive and contaminated water that comes from the operation of this underground mine... Read More »
Miami, Arizona, USA The project involved the purification of contaminated groundwater from... Read More » African Copper Mine Mines are known for their rugged, harsh and unforgiving environments. At the same time... Read More » Helping in Haiti It seems a long time back to the 12th of January 2010, the day that catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti. Read More » Tshokotshoko, somewhere in Africa Many villages in Africa do not have access to running water or electricity... Read More »
Project Rhino - Providing Water in Kenya The local river, the principal source for all water needs, annually dries up for long... Read More »
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