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As water begins to play a more significant role in all of our lives, understanding the implications is of the utmost importance to each and every one of us. Few aspects of our common life can be more important than water. Water is critical to the growth and prosperity of a nation. Read more...
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Boreline is a Flexible Drop Pipe that has been designed to replace the rigid risers used with submersible pumps.

Due to its roll-flat nature, it is very easy to transport Boreline to a site and install it with simple, standard, light-duty equipment.

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Totally Corrosion Resistant No Internal Scaling No Internal Buildup Quick and Easy to Install and Retrieve Low Friction Loss Easy to Transport
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Installation Procedure   Specifications

Boreline has been specifically designed to replace rigid risers. Because of its design, using Boreline results in major savings in time and labour. Click here to see more

The Riser
A special rib will be incorporated in the cover to facilitate the attachment of securing cable straps for the electric cable. The Flexible Drop Pipe shall be constructed from high tenacity polyester yarns, which are circular woven and then totally encapsulated to form an integrated cover and lining of a high performance polyurethane elastomer, which is...

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The Life Cost of your Water Well   Completed Projects

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All due precaution is taken during the Manufacturing Process to ensure quality products. Read more.
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