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The town of Lakeport is set on the shores of Clear Lake and among the beautiful Coastal Ranges of Northern California. Clear Lake is the largest, natural freshwater lake in California with approximately 68 square miles of surface area.
As the population has increased, so has the demand for water for domestic and agriculture consumption. Water quality is very dynamic and this can change from area to area, from farm to farm. In our case, a farmer, living on top of a hill overlooking the lake farming walnuts, olives and grapes, was pumping water from a depth of 750ft. He needed water for his orchards and domestic needs and used Solar Energy to pump from these depths. The problem he has is that the water is very aggressive, corroding steel pipes after less than 2 years. He therefore has to call a contractor on a regular basis to remove the pump and pipe, replace the damaged and corroded sections and to then replace the pump. 1000ft of Boreline hose is brought to the job site on a spool. The hose is laid out to attach the power cable. The power cable is attached to the hose using cable straps. The well head was resting on the truck and the Boreline was fed into the well over the rolling wheel. The water is pumping and the job is complete

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