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Manufactured with high tenacity fibers completely protected with an abrasion-resistant, polyurethane material.


Mineflex is manufactured by an ISO9000 Certified company.


Smart weaving and extrusion results in a more efficient pumping column for the life of the well.


UV stabilized. Made for heavy duty, high pressure applications, flexible in all weather conditions.

Mineflex High Pressure Dewatering Hose

Mineflex is an extra tough, abrasion resistant hose ideal for pumping of heavy solids over aggressive mining terrain.


Aquaflex is designed for mine dewatering under high pressures and is ideal for long distance water.

Mineflex Oil & Gas

The first step involves getting the product out of the ground and this is where MINEFLEX O&G is revolutionizing the industry.


MINEFLEX is suited for:

  • Extra abrasion resistance for rugged terrain and extreme conditions.
  • Resistant to oil and chemicals Integrated inner and outer coating of abrasion resistant.
  • Polyurethane Heavy duty, high pressure lay flat hose UV Stabilised.
  • Flexible in all weather conditions from -40 deg C to 70 deg C.(-40 deg F to 160 deg F).
  • Available in standard 100m (330ft) and 200m (660ft) lengths.
  • Longer or shorter lengths available on request.
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9002 Approved Company.



  • Chemical and oil resistant.
  • Standard 100m 330ft lengths.
  • Easy to handle and transport around site.
  • High pressure Lay flat hose.
  • UV Stabilized.
  • Smooth non-corrosive surface ensures maximum energy savings.
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9002 Approved Company.



  • Fewer contractors, content landowners, a happy EPA.
  • Can simply and easily attach to standard pipe fittings in the field.
  • Noextra connections and no extra adaptors are required.
  • Is the most efficient and safest way to deploy and retrieve hoses over long distances (Continuous lengths.)
  • No leak, abrasion-resistant polyurethane material.
  • No more joints.
  • No more bulky pipe.
  • Protects Infrastructure.


As you might expect with the drought my pumps have been going non-stop since spring.
One pump (set at 250 feet depth) recently had an electrical problem, of course, on a weekend. With the help of my wife, we had it out, repaired and running again in two hours. You can’t do that with any kind of pipe!

Bob Puls - California
We chose the WellHose product for our shallow wells (80’ depth) because of the long term benefits – decreased head loss and no corrosion. Our previous steel column pipes were on the verge of falling apart. Instead of replacing the column pipes with galvanized steel, we went with WellHose, at a lower price! The installation was very simple and not labor intensive, and to-date we have not experienced any issues. Should the submersible pumps experience issues, we expect that pump removal/reinstall will be more economical than if we had stuck with steel column pipes!
Max Bricker
J.G. Boswell Co.

The City of Amarillo, Texas has been using Boreline by Hose Solutions since 2010 in its potable water wells. It is a great product to use for work in tight applications where you cannot get a rig in. Our first time to use it was in a well about 600’ deep. Boreline also allows you an energy cost saving over time because it maintains its smooth wall vs the corrosion aspect of steel pipe. Very simple product to use. It has a NSF rating.

Kenneth McColl
City of Amarillo - Texas

More Mineflex advantages:

  • Extra abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to oils and chemicals Extreme duty,
  • High pressure Lay flat hose
  • Integrated inner and outer coating of Polyurethane Smooth surfaces for easy washdown
  • Flexible from -40°C to +70°C
  • Low coil volume for easy handling
  • Available in up to 200 m lengths
  • Longer lengths available on request


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